Experimental and brimming with unique creativity; Michael Oscillate is the dark ambient musician from Austria that you never knew you needed to listen to. Oscillate is not only able to transport his audience to an alternate and otherworldly dimension at the closing of their eyes, but his music also evokes emotions within you that you weren’t even aware that you had. There is a transcendental and ethereal quality to tracks such as ‘Deep into the Kastle’ and soon to be found in his upcoming album, ‘Hyperbolic Hypnosis of Luminescence’, that is the perfect sonic representation of the new heights his music has reached.

Oscillate bridges the gap across the electro-acoustic divide; utilising field recordings alongside generative processes on the modular synthesizer to lean into the mysterious nature of the dark ambient genre. Steering well clear of the pack, his originality has become a trademark feature amongst his ever-increasing fan base, who have described his musical ventures as; hypnotic, intense, mesmerizing, and even intoxicating. Such is his skill, Oscillate is able to elicit feelings such as peace and clarity even through the mediums of dissonance and compelling cacophony. The depth of these tracks, and the interplanetary journey they seem to take you on, are more addictive after each listen – as you’re slowly drawn in by the swelling drones and melodic synthesizers of some projects (Droned Home, Space Adaptation Syndrome, Cosmic Recomposition), and the transfixing clamour and tumult of others (Deep into the Kastle, Silent Alice). Oscillate continues to impress and churn out album after album of creative and intriguing “walls of sound” that somehow reflect the inward emotions that have longed seemed inexpressible.

“When creating my music, I am deeply relaxed. From the first few minutes until just
before the end, everything flows without any planned action. This deep relaxation
seems inexplicably carried over to the music itself, and ultimately to the listeners of it. That makes me happy as a musician, because I know that the soul of my music reaches the listener, and that some listeners can even decipher its true essence.”
Michael Oscillate

All of this paints a bright future for Michael Oscillate in the under-appreciated market of dark ambient, a niche corner of ardent experimentation in the music industry. Through his YouTube channel, combines stunning visuals with celestial soundscapes for an all-round immersive experience. Much of the catalogue can be found via Bandcamp, and his larger projects, such as EP’s and albums, can also be found on major streaming services such as Apple Music and Spotify.