Electromagnetic Houseware Adventures

Release 28. Mar 2020
Leafland Audio

Written and produced by Michael Bargen
Arrangement, mixing and mastering by Michael Bargen

With a track-list that reads more like homeware inventory than a typical album, Electromagnetic Houseware Adventures is the 2020 art project of Michael Oscillate that sets out to capture the electromagnetic frequencies of household items, from a vacuum cleaner to a dishwasherand (almost) everything in between, and processes these audible frequencies into a 17-track series of avant-grade musical compositions. Electromagnetic Houseware Adventures is home to both swelling drones and calming pads, and myriad other compelling textures born through this innovative process. Throughout these tracks, from start to finish, are a library of unique sounds unlike many, or any, you’ve heard before. Vacuum cleaner comes in at 43 seconds long with interesting crescendos supported by a deep drone, while Dishwasher–clocking in at almost fourminutes –is the longest track on this project, and achieves its own enveloping atmosphere through more subtle and nuanced sonic textures and fluctuations.

  1. Tablet
  2. Analog Synthesizer
  3. Dishwasher
  4. Electric Kettle
  5. Filter Coffee Machine
  6. Fridge
  7. Fuse Box
  8. Hair Dryer
  9. Lamp
  10. Light Switch
  11. Microwave
  12. Router
  13. Oven with hotplates
  14. Shaver
  15. Smartphone
  16. Vacuum cleaner
  17. Washing Machine

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