‘In the deepest, darkest corners of music you will find anything and everything all as one’

– Michael Oscillate Hyperbolic Hypnosis Of Luminescence

You know a genre I don’t talk about enough?

*AMBIENT* man what a great and unique genre of music that is, I’ve talked about a few albums one or twice on here but you guys really have to understand the love and appreciation I have for this genre and why I’m always happy and excited to review a project whenever I can !

In short, Ambient is a type of electronic music that is normally repetitive and subtle In nature, using slow and steady transitions from one sound to the next in each song that passes. The best introductory artists I can recommend are Brian Eno and his album ‘Music For Airports’ and Aphex Twin with well any album you want as they are all outstanding and represent the genre quite well.

Anyway, on this album we are exploring the world of DARK AMBIENT which (as the name implies) is a more darker and moody variant of the staple genre and is normally associated with such aspects as


-Shock Value

– Uneasy vibes etc the evil twin so to speak of the two and when done right can present quite the dramatic roller coaster for the listener.

This is one of those examples! With this album and the 8 tracks presented we have Michael exploring a whole range of different and dynamite sounds and effects to expand his use of the infamous genre.

In many songs you can hear

-Subtle repetition

-Loud, obscure noises

-Dark, moody sounds and loops

-Creepy, unsettling keys and sonic bits.

What I find so unique about this interesting take on the sub genre is he’s not settling for just the traditional ‘creepy’ sounds (although they are present) he’s diversified his reach to include more mysterious elements, futuristic vibes and out of this world experiences.

You never know what’s coming from one song to the next, yet within the distance of conceptualisation comes this brilliant bend of chaos and neutrality, light and dark, the ying and the yang presented to us all in one record.

I love this album, I love how creatively focused it is and how dynamic the various elements work along side each other to create this almost ‘dystopian’ feel overall. It’s unpredictable, strange, terrifying and adventurous all rolled into one and I doubt I’ll find another album like this anytime soon! Go check this album out and feel the divine tendencies that is, this album!

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Michael Oscillate is a solo artist from Austria that plays an experimental form of dark ambient and this is a review of his self released 2021 album „Hyperbolic  Hypnosis  Of  Luminescence“ which will be  released in October.

Atmospheric sounding drones start off the album while the synths also add in a great amount of dark ambient elements.  At times the music also gets very experimental sounding along with some whispered voices also being utilized briefly as well as some distorted soundscapes also being added into some parts of the recording.

Most of the tracks are very long and epic in length while each song also sounds very different from each other. The songs also stick to mostly an instrumental direction along with the music also adding in an improvised atmosphere and as  the album progresses the music also starts adding in some radio and cinemati  sounds as well as a later track also adding in a brief use of spoken word parts.    

Michael Oscillate plays a musical style that takes dark ambient, drone and experimental and mixes them together to create a sound of his own. The production sounds very dark whie the song themes are inspired by existentialism, science fiction and philosophy.

In my opinion Michael Oscillate is a very great sounding mixture of experimental and dark ambient and if you are a fan of those musical genres, you should check out this solo project. RECOMMENDED TRACKS INCLUDE „Thermodynamic  Redox“ and „Cloud Condensation With Resonation“. 8 out of 10.

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