Cosmic Recomposition

Release 28. Apr 2020
Leafland Audio

Written and produced by Michael Bargen
Arrangement, mixing and mastering by Michael Bargen

Cosmic Recomposition is the only project by Michael Oscillate to breach the onehour timestamp, comprised of three equally ambitious and gargantuan tracks of approximately 25 minutes a piece. This projectis intended to be an exploration into meditation through binaural beats, and is consequently only suited to headphonelistening. Oscillate involves himself heavily in the practice of dealing with brainwaves and outofbody experiences through his art, and has developed three forms of meditation as a result: meditative states, outofbody experiences, and profound insights. Telepathic Neuronic Supersonic begins this auditory journey by stimulating telepathic communication before moving into Third Eye Biopunk, which then stimulates the pineal gland also known by some as the third eye. This is where mystical experiences may take place, during this pulsing and heavenly mix of sound. The third and final track, Astral Subspace, encourages and promotes an astral journey in which one may find themselves suddenly in an outofbody experience sparked by the carefully engineered composition of the track, full of space and soothing energy.

  1. Telepathic Neuronic Supersonic
  2. Third Eye Biopunk
  3. Astral Subspace

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