Silent Alice

Released 20. Nov 2020
Leafland Audio

Written and produced by Michael Bargen
Arrangement, mixing and mastering by Michael Bargen

Silent Alice is the reimagining of the 1915 silent film, “Alice in Wonderland”, scored by Michael Oscillate in his trademark and recognisable style. The hauntingly dreamlike arrangement adds an incredibly eerie layer to the immersive experience, especially when accompanied by the visuals of the film itself. The soundtrack alone, however, is full of interesting and inspired choices in terms of overall musical direction, and is an excellent collection of music with or without the aid of the visual. A project spanning almost three quarters of an hour, Silent Aliceblends 17 pieces of music together in a beautiful patchwork that shines most when listened to in its entirety. From the almost orchestral sounding The White Rabbit, to the intimidating bellows of The Gryphon, this project strikes an appropriate balance between cohesion and uniquenessof the tracks. If “Alice in Wonderland” were to franchise into the horror film industry, then it is precisely this soundtrack that would assure its success.

  1. The Tarts
  2. The Way
  3. The Flower Meadow
  4. The White Rabbit
  5. The Rabbit Hole
  6. The Door
  7. Birds and Beasts
  8. The Dodo
  9. The Rabbit and the House
  10. The Caterpillar
  11. The Conversation
  12. The Little Pig
  13. The Queen
  14. The Throw
  15. The Gryphon
  16. The Search
  17. The Dream

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