Space Adaptation Syndrome (EP)

Released February 4, 2021

Written and produced by Michael Bargen
Arrangement, mixing and mastering by Michael Bargen

Space Adaptation Syndrome is a 2021, four-song EP released by Michael Oscillate. This project, like others in the Oscillate catalogue, uses wonderfully crafted drones as a firm foundation to overlay an array of eye-catching rhythmic elements that seamlessly transition from one to the next. In what could be considered a more accessible introduction to the genre of (dark ambient), Space Adaptation Syndrome expresses the general themes prevalent in other more audacious works in a more palatable manner, with more predictable rhythm and noticeable melody. All of this combined establishes a more inviting arena in which outsiders to this style of music are able to enter in and fully submerge themselves in the sedating soundscapes that Oscillate offers, in a way that is approachable while remaining authentic to its heritage. The closingtrack, Journey into the Unknown, is a particularly melodic piece in the context of Oscillate’s broader discography – but still has all the technical ability and creativity we have come to expect from this artist.

  1. Transmission
  2. Point of no return
  3. Hangar of Redemption
  4. Journey into the Unknown

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